I am the D-Bass
I am your reliable friend,
a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.
And while I am a master of all tones,
I still have my own voice.

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The D-Bass is a solidbody longscale bass, featuring two Duesenberg Toaster Bass humbuckers, a bolt-on neck and a fully adjustable bridge. The D-Bass also comes as a fretless edition.

Even more so than the guitar world, the bass universe is characterized by American sound. But the creation of this sound, which underlies nearly all classic rock and pop productions, is no longer a hidden secret! The Duesenberg D-Bass – with its own relaxed and unique style – has therefore comfortably joined the ranks of the elite bass team. 

Its tastefully contoured body made from American alder wood offers an optimal foundation for such a sound. In addition, the “hidden bolt on” attachment of the maple neck affords comfortable playability all the way up to the highest frets – similar to set-in necks, but still with the inimitable punch characteristic of longscale bolt-on construction. Electronics, controlled by the Duesenberg Toaster Bass humbucker, are as easy to use as they are distinctive: a passive “mid shape” controller blends  sounds smoothly from “P” to “J”, so that both of these classic bass sounds, not to mention countless intermediate options, are attainable in one instrument.



All our instruments are fitted with our own hardware, which you will only find on a Duesenberg. We design it with attention to even the smallest details to create truly unique instruments from tuner buttons to jack plates.
With the D-Bass, the strings are anchored to a nickel-plated, solid and completely adjustable brass bridge, while, at the other end of the instrument, Duesenberg Z-tuners allow for quick string replacement and optimal tuning stability.

All our fretboards are carefully pleked and finished by hand for optimum playability and the smooth feel they are famous for.

The D-Bass is available in High-Gloss Black, Sonoma Red and Coral Finishes. Furthermore, there is a fretless edition which comes in High-Gloss Black or Coral. Instead of the rosewood fretboard, the fretless D-Basses sport more durable ebony, a wood that also ensures sustainable fretless tone.

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D-Bass Fingered Neck Pickup

D-Bass Plek Both Pickups




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