Starplayer TV "Ron Wood"

The first Duesenberg signature model, still being played live by Ron Wood himself. With its pearl-top and the shiny nickel Pickguard this is still an eye-catcher on stage. This exclusive design is still used on our Starplayer TV Pearl series.
And it's still sought after!

Discontinued in 2005!



The V-Caster might remind you of the Starplayer Special. Actually these guitars have an identical basic construction. Unlike the the Starplayer, the V-Caster featured three Duesenberg Alnico singlecoil pickups and a Diego Deluxe Tremolo (or a correspondent hardtail bridge).

Discontinued in 2010!



A handy lightweight rock guitar, the size quite close to the Dragster. This model was available in two versions: with 2 Domino P90's or with 2 Duesenberg CS-1 singlecoils and a Little Toaster humbucker at the bridge. Both versions featured a quite complex wiring with a swell pot that could be used optionally as a tone or volume control.

Discontunued in 2013!


Eagles Series Bass

This bass was the counterpart of the 40th Anniversary Eagles Guitar. Like the guitar it was lacquered all over in gold-metallic. And it features the same artwork elements: an eagle wings structure on the top, The Eagles lettering inlayed on the fingerboard, a graphic decal on the headstock and silver-plated hardware.

Discontinued in 2015!

Rocket II

Originally the Rocket was a meant to be a unique item for the German rock guitarist Michael Schenker, but then ended up in the Duesenberg catalog. It was equipped, as expected, with a Grand Vintage and a Crunchbucker. On some versions we mounted a short Diamond Deluxe Tremola, which was only possible using a pretty tricky construction with custom made brackets.

Discontinued in 2014!

Caribou (3 Pickups)

The first Caribou series was equipped with two HSC SingleTwins and a Grand Vintage humbucker. Furthermore there were two variants, one with a Diamond Deluxe Tremola and one with a Wraparound Bridge. These pickup definitely had their lovers, but obviously were too special for the majority.

Discontinued in 2014!

Starplayer TV "Chris Whitley"

A signature model for great singer and guitarist Chris Whitley, who died of cancer in 2004 at the age of only 45 years. Actually this was a Starplayer TV Plus with a piezo pickup inside the bridge. In addition, the guitar was finished in a custom colour and the pickguard was made of especially textured steel.

Discontinued in 2012!

C.C. "John Platania"

This is one of our first signature models. Originally equipped with a 4-band EQ, the later instruments featured our ordinary piezo wiring - you could say it was a C.C. Plus. It was finished in the same custom colour as the "Chris Whitley".

Discontinued in 2012!