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Nov 27 2014 - Duesenberg Nickel Guide

"Why are the chrome parts on my Starplayer already getting dull?" - "Because it's not chrome, it's nickel." - All about Duesenberg's nickel hardware in our BLOG.

July 07 2014 - Fairytale Video

Not really new, but absolutely worth seeing (and hearing): this highly artistic video, produced and performed by Martin Huch.

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Duesenberg Fairytale...

Feb 03 2014 - The Spirit Of Woodstock

Carl Carlton is presenting his new project "The Spirit Of Woodstock" - featuring percussionist and multi instrumentalist Wayne P. Sheehy and the master of the keys Pascal Kravetz.


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Oct 29 2013 - Duesenberg Podcast Video #4

Even the best pickups only sound good, when they're properly adjusted. We show you how to do it!

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Sept 27 2013 - Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg
Dave Stewart signing a Duesenberg C.C.

Eurythmics mastermind and legendary producer Dave Stewart is joining forces with Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli at this year’s Reeperbahn Festival.

In conjunction with Duesenberg the Lifetime Achievement Award Winner (Brit Awards) and Keynote speaker of the Reeperbahn Festival supports the established Hamburg based water initiative.

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Aug 20 2013 - Duesenberg Podcast Video #3

Adjusting the trussrod is still a mystery for most guitar players. Here is the ultimate instruction video!

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June 06 2013 - Duesenberg Podcast Video #2

We continue with our Duesenberg Instructional Video Podcast Series. This time it's all about the Diamond Deluxe Tremola.

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April 2013 - Guitar Interactive

Review about the Starplayer TV Custom: "Duesenberg's trem system is everything a Bigsby tremolo system isn't. It stays in tune, is smooth in operation and is very usable and addictive, in a non-Jeff Beck sort of way (so no crazy flutters or tuned harmonics). You just need to get used to what the trem can do, and then it will be there for you, waiting for that little shimmer on your A69 chord!"

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April 17 2013 - Musikmesse Frankfurt

Chris Distin takes you on a short tour of our new additions for 2013 at our booth at the Frankfurt music exhibition. Please forgive us for the sound quality, but Chris nearly had to scream to be understood against the unbelievable volume present at the exhibition.


Mar 05 2013 - Duesenberg Podcast Video

Now online: the Duesenberg Instructional Video Podcast provides you with first-hand information on how to set-up and maintain your Duesenberg Instrument. This first episode is about our standard tuning machines, called the Z-Tuners.


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NAMM Show News 2015




Alliance Series "Joe Walsh"

We are proud that for the first model of this brand new Duesenberg Series we had the honor of working together with one of the most remarkable and influential musicians of our time: Joe Walsh!


Johnny Depp Series - Body

The Johnny Depp Series

Following up on last years highly anticipated Johnny Depp 52 instruments limited signature series, comes an unlimited production model featuring an alternate top plate layout, tremolo and reduced tattoo decals.



"Berlin" Amplifier & Cabinet

Fresh from the Duesenberg laboratory: a dual channel 45 watt tube amp with a matching 1x12" cabinet - handmade in Germany! The metal finish cabinet in Duesenberg Custom Shop design has got something special inside: "Cascading Gain Structure". To find out what that means, visit our blog!







Triton Bass

Our new longscale bass was designed to be a real workhorse. Three originally designed Single Twin pickups deliver a fat sound without any noise. Solid sustain is guaranteed by the new "The Block" bass bridge with locked saddles.




Starplayer TV DLX Black

One of our most desired models is now available in black. Just like the crimson-red version it is equipped with two Vario-Tone controls and our stylish Radiator Tremolo.


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