Where we come from

Image of the first Duesenberg Starplayer TV


It’s fascinating what can happen when some people go out to make the acoustic guitar just - louder. The electric guitar was invented to solve the problem that guitar players were hard to hear in a big band. Today we know that it got louder - a lot louder.

It’s hard to find an instrument which has had the same impact on music and culture in general. The electric guitar offers endless possibilities to express feelings, can go from whisper to screaming within a heartbeat and feels at home in almost any genre there is.

Many have built them, a lot have built them good, only few have built them to be outstanding.

Photos of Dieter Goelsdorf and the early Duesenberg Factory

Creating Duesenberg

Dieter Gölsdorf, designer and founder of Duesenberg Guitars, opened a small business for producing and selling guitars and parts in 1978. He quickly started to gather extensive experience for what would later become his own vision for the electric guitar. His love for sophisticated mechanics and bold designs eventually lead to the creation of his own brand of electric guitars - Duesenberg. This was in 1986.

Then, in 1995, the Starplayer TV was born and, without telling anyone, she quickly found her way into the world. She was designed to have a voice of her own, look stunning and be a reliable companion. Her design was refined throughout the years but she is more than ever driven by these core values. She is now the sister of over 10 different guitar lines that were created over the years and are celebrated around the world.

Photo of the early Duesenberg Factory

Where we are today

Duesenberg Instruments quickly became an insiders' tip with worldwide stage and studio artists. The distinct design, unique and versatile tone and the overall solid and roadworthy construction appeal to a lot of professionally working artists. These include Ron Wood, Mike Campbell, Bob Dylan, Joe Walsh, John Mayer, Robbie McIntosh, Johnny Depp and many more.

Dieter today works with a growing team of music and guitar enthusiasts. His partner Ingo Renner has taken over the daily business and design has become a collaborative process.

We think there is something beautiful about things that just work. And we can talk a day or two about things that are just… well - beautiful. Our history and origins have lead us to a point where we set out to make excellent instruments for musicians around the world.

And that is where we come from.

Slider image showing the Solid colors for the Duesenberg Starplayer TV

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Semi Hollow

Bent sides and glued on top and back. Added solid center block. The classic construction. Semi-Hollow instruments combine the distinct tone of a hollow construction with the feedback resistance of a solid body. Extremely versatile.


A solid body that features big sound chambers for enhanced tone and weight reduction. Particularly characteristic tone somewhere between a solid and semi-hollow construction.


Made from a single slab of wood. Delivers instant response, a lot of attack and sustain and perfect feedback resistance.