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Dating Your Duesenberg

How Duesenberg Serial-Numbers work

The dating of Duesenberg instruments follows a clear system that, with a few exceptions, is almost self-explanatory.

Generally speaking, the current standard uses the first two digits of each serial-number to define the production year. The following four digits define the production number of the individual instrument within that year.
191450 therefore would be instrument number 1450 in the year 2019.

For everyone, who wants to learn about the exceptions to this rule and a little bit of history, we will no go into the weeds of Duesenberg serial-numbers.
The official Duesenberg timeline and thus also the systematic numbering of the instruments start in 1995 with the first Duesenberg Starplayer.

Photo of Serial Number Plates used on Duesenberg Instruments

Consecutive Production Numbers

The first Duesenberg instruments already feature a six-digit serial number, which is based on the YYxxxxsystem. The first two digits represent the year of manufacture, the following four digits show the consecutive production numbers for all models and all years until 2009.


950023 = the 23rd Duesenberg instrument, built in 1995.
990765 = the 765th Duesenberg instrument, built in 1999.

In 2009, this system was revised, redefined and has remained current to this day. The serial numbers still have six digits, the first two digits still indicate the year of manufacture, but the following number now represents the production number across all models and per year.


101145 = the 1145th Duesenberg instrument in 2010.
201483 = the 1483rd Duesenberg instrument in 2020.

Header Image of a Duesenberg Serial Number
Duesenberg D-Logo Vintage


The very first Starplayer Special and V-Caster (2002, with two-bolt neck) have five-digit serial numbers, of which the first two indicate the year of manufacture.

From 2005 on, V-Caster, D-Caster and D-Bass got partially no serial numbers, or, just like the 49er, numbers according to another system, which was valid until 2008/09. Here, the serial number consists of a model code with three letters, a hyphen, another letter that indicates the year of manufacture (alphabetical order, e.g. an F stands for 2006, because F is the sixth letter of the alphabet) followed by a three-digit number, the consecutive production number per model.


DCA-E002 = the second D-Caster in 2005

D49-F012 = the twelfth 49er in 2006

DDB-H012 = the twelfth D-Bass in 2008

In 2003/04, a batch of Starplayer TV Special in Black and Silver Sparkle was built without serial numbers, mainly for the American market.

Artist Series

The serial number of an instrument from the exclusive, limited Artist Series indicates which guitar it is within the total number of instruments. Here is no information about the year of release identifiable.


08 / 52 is the eighth guitar within a total edition of 52 pieces.