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Can I order straight from Duesenberg?

We value the local guitar shops, so Duesenberg instruments are only available through our official retail partner network.
Please find our worldwide store-locator here: Find a Store

Can I place an order for a custom Duesenberg instrument?

Even though we would love to offer you to build your custom Duesenberg, the current demand and our strive for perfection in every single instrument does not allow us to offer custom built instruments.

When was my Duesenberg made?

The first two digits of every serial-number always indicate the year of manufacture. 18, for example, means that an instrument was made in 2018.
If you want to learn more about the exceptions to this rule, please go read our guide on Duesenberg serial-numbers: Dating your Duesenberg

What does the Plek machine do and why is it important?

In order to achieve a comfortably low action (that's the distance between strings and fretboard), every fret has to be exactly the same height. Otherwise, the strings would buzz on a single, or more frets that are too high compared to the others. While this can be done by hand, it is a very time consuming and hard job to be consistent in. The Plek machine is a computer based fret levelling CNC that cuts each fret with a precision of 1/100mm to achieve an even height all throughout the fretboard, so that the action can be set extremely low without fret buzz.

What strings are factory fitted?

The factory standard strings on all Duesenberg Guitars is our own 10/50 gauge set. This set provides a snappy bottom end response with tight bass frequencies but keeps the higher notes comfortable to play.
Duesenberg 10/50 gauge standard strings can be found at any of our official retail partners or directly in our webstore: store.duesenberg.de | Duesenberg Strings 10/50 gauge Standard

Can I visit the Duesenberg Factory in Germany?

We are focussing all our efforts on making the best instruments for artists around the world and are not offering factory tours at the moment.

How do I take care of the chrome parts on my instrument?

The chrome parts on your instrument are actually not chrome but nickel, which ages naturally over time. If you want to learn how to properly take care of a nickel finish to maintain its beautiful warm sheen, please go read our guide: The Duesenberg Guide to Nickel Hardware

Does Duesenberg offer a repair service?

At the moment, we are not able to offer a general repair, re-plek or setup service for our instruments. However, every official Duesenberg retailer is able to give you technical base support or guide you towards a luthier who can help out with more serious maintenance work like a refret.

My Duesenberg does not stay in tune like it used to when I got it new. What can I do?

To maintain a stable tuning on a tremolo fitted guitar, there are certain aspects to keep an eye on. This includes proper stringing and regular cleaning of certain components. If you want to learn more, please go read our guide: The Duesenberg Guide to Tuning Stability

I want to fit a Duesenberg Tremolo to one of my non-Duesenberg guitars. How do I do that?

There are a couple of options you have here. If you have a guitar fitted with a standard Stop-Tailpiece, the Duesenberg LesTrem is the easiest choice to get a tremolo without any modifications to the guitar.